Once upon a time there was a enchanted valley

The story of how it started, the tale of what it was suppose to be just a small gathering among friends...

Valle Orco Climbing Festival was born in October of 2022 as a gathering of friends who wanted to climb together again after the long period of restrictions due to the pandemic. Supposedly an intimate event, at the fist edition we could count up to 150 people: friends, acquaintances, blokes never seen before, everyone brought together by the love they have of rocks, mountain and nature.

We discover potential, Valle Orco is a place where everyone can find not only their climbing vocation but also many more activities: trekking, cycling, skiing and watersports. We start questioning the possibility of developing something in this incredible place, in a sustainable and accessible for all way.

A small gathering of friends we said, then 150 people were there.

The actual first festival was in 2021. Non of the organizers had any experience in realizing an event of this sort, but everybody had so much passion and they wanted to tell the world how lucky we are, living in a reality like ours. That's what it was needed to create the Valle Orco Climbing Festival.

The first edition had an attendance of about 1500 people, drawn by the beauty of the climbing lines and the party atmosphere, filling the valley with an infinite numbers of smiles. The event is created with the support of Wild County and La Sportivawhich despite few certainties quickly belive in the project and decide to invest in what will become one of the biggest climbing events in Italy.

Aware of the possibility of success and energized by the compliments of the public in 2022 VOCF grows and relaunches, with a structured event to which Wild Country and La Sportiva are also joined by Vibram as title sponsor. The presence of a brand of this climber is a launching pad for the organizers, who invest all their energies into the realization of something unique and darn authentic.

Rain, cold, mud, nothing curbs the enthusiasm of the 3500 climbers who arrive gassed in the valley

The festival is also attended by internationally renowned athletes such as Tom Randall, Matteo Della Bordella, Hamish McArtur, Nico Favresse, and the offerings are expanded with cross-cutting activities such as crack climbing workshop, trad climbing, yoga classes, highline, contests of different kinds, and no small musical offering. The success is remarkable and the compliments from sponsors and participants are of great satisfaction to the organizers, who are already starting to think about the 2023 edition from the day after the festival ends.

What lies ahead for the near future is yet to be discovered, but we are sure it will be a great adventure, and we look forward to sharing it whit you.