Those that make you dance

No if and no but, until the late night, they will keep you entertained and jumping like locusts with live music and DJ set.

Thursday 28th September

Under the skin vibration

The turin based collective that will make your brain vibrate to the beat of drum & bass

Venerdì 29 Settembre

Davide Olivero

The perfect ambient electro to enliven the cocktail hour, you will gradually get into the mood of the evening!

Luca Led

Wr promised you an 80's night, he will be your mentor with a trashy dance set you will never forget!


The evening dub that will spring load your the rest of the weekend. Don't expect to go to bed early!

Sabato 30 Settembre

Nacho Tranquilo

He is new to the VOCF stage but we know him well enough to vouch for him. Just the right mix to gas up the night!

Persiana Jones

This year we wanted live music and we chose the best to get you dancing to the ska beat! A name a legend, get ready because they know what they are doing!

Claush Claudine

Straight from the clubs of Dresden and Berlin, the DJ who was missing from the festival, the one who will raise the BPM of the night!

Tecno Tanaro

We've watched him grow, he's made you dance like crickets in past editions, he's the VOCF resident, and we know you've been waiting for him eagerly!